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November 2019

4th Board Meeting of Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

IA and the NL embassy in Israel organized the 4th Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) Board Member in Israel on the 11th of Nov. The Ambassador moderated a working dinner with the IDIC board members and several Dutch and Israeli innovation experts (i.e., the Agricultural Counsellor (Landbouwraad) for Turkey, Israel & the Palestinian Territories, the Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The meeting will be followed up by an expert meeting in January 2020.

October 2019

Israeli startups take part at Global Artificial Intelligence Summit - World Summit AI Amsterdam

Israeli startups (, UVeye, Seebo) took part at the Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) summit in Amsterdam 9-10 October 2019. IA Israel visited the conference last year and made contacts with the organizers to further develop the active participation of Israeli AI companies at the conference. AI serves as one of the innovation opportunities between The Netherlands and Israel in general, and specifically in smart mobility, autonomous driving, cyber security and digital health.

September 2019

TechLeap.NL recognizes Israel's Startup Nation Central as a global innovation ecosystem leader

TechLeap.NL, the Netherlands, the successor of StartupDelta, headed by the special envoy Prins Constantijn, aims at turning the Netherlands into "a unicorn nation”. This is achieved, among others, by learning from other countries. This month TechLeap.NL focuses on Startup Nation Central (SNC), which connects companies and countries to the people and technologies in Israel. IA Israel has introduced SNC to StartupDelta on multiple occasions, including during the visit of Prins Constantijn to Israel in June 2017.

NL Multinational food companies take part at Agrivest and FoodTech IL, Sep 2019

Dutch Multi National Enterprises, such as Danone, Unilever, DSM, and StartLife (WUR), Rabobank and OostNL participated at the Israeli FoodTech IL and AgriVest 2019 conferences, organized among others by Startup Nation Central (SNC) and Greensoil. The participation of Dutch companies at FoodTech and AgriVest has been actively on the agenda of IA Israel and the Board of the Israeli Dutch Innovation Center (i.e., SNC, Greensoil and WUR). Further cooperation between The Netherlands and Israel in the agri-food sector is anticipated.

visit of Study Tour 2019 ‘Odyssey’, VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, faculty of Aerospace Engineering of technical University of Delft to the Technion, Haifa

IA Israel organized a visit for Study Tour 2019 ‘Odyssey’, VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, the study association of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of technical University of Delft to the Technion, Haifa. The aim of the Dutch students was to connect with the Israeli industry in the field of aerospace. This last visit of VSV Leonardo da Vinci to Israel took place in 35 years ago, in 1984. New contacts have been made and prospects for cooperation are envisioned.

June 2019

LSH: A delegation of 18 PhD students from Radboud University Nijmegen and Radboud University Medical Hospital visited Israel's academia and innovation ecosystem

Innovation Attache Israel co-organized with Radboud University Nijmegen, Radboud University Medical Hospital and Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour a program for 18 persons e.g. 8 researchers, 8 PhD’s and 2 TTO employees in different disciplines, such as from behavioral sciences, language and communication, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Bioinformatics, Data Science and Molecular Developmental Biology, Medical Neuroscience, as well as the Business developer at Radboud Innovation and the operational manager of Radboud Research Facilities.

The group met with researchers and students at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, start-ups at CyberSpark, Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS), Yeda Research and Development Company Ltd. (the Tech-transfer company of WIS), Tel Aviv University, The Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Rambam Medical Center Haifa, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The foundations were laid to develop joint R&D projects and to conduct student exchange programmes.

TNO visits Israel with focus on AI and digital health

IA Israel co-organized with Niels Schouten, senior manager, office of the Executive Board of TNO, a senior delegation of TNO to visit Israel's innovation ecosystem on the 23-25 June 2019. The objective was to develop R&D cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a special focus on health. The delegation met with the chairman and senior staff of the Israel innovation authority, the ministry of health, the CEO of Startup Nation Central (SNC), Maccabi Healthcare Health Medical Organization, the CEO of Tel Aviv Medical Center (TLVMC), the SME Sparkbeyond and the Technion. All meetings will be followed-up.IA Israel co-organized with Niels Schouten, senior manager, office of the Executive Board of TNO, a senior delegation of TNO to visit Israel's innovation ecosystem on the 23-25 June 2019. The objective was to develop R&D cooperation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a special focus on health. The delegation met with the chairman and senior staff of the Israel innovation authority, the ministry of health, the CEO of Startup Nation Central (SNC), Maccabi Healthcare Health Medical Organization, the CEO of Tel Aviv Medical Center (TLVMC), the SME Sparkbeyond and the Technion. All meetings will be followed-up.

Networking dinner at Ambasador's residence with focus in AI, digital health and cybersecurity

IA Israel organized a networking dinner at the residence of the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel, HE Gilles Beschoor Plug, as part of the visit of the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of TNO to Israel 23-25 June 2019. Attendees included policy officer for innovation of the Dutch Ministry of Economy; Dutch cybersecurity delegates to CyberWeek 2019 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Cyber Security Center; IBM Vice President and Director of the IBM Research Lab in Haifa; Research Director of the Israeli branch of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence; Head Technion-Intel Center for Artificial Intelligence, the president of Philips Israel and a representative of the Israel Innovation Authority.

Meeting between Prof. Ben Israel, Chairman CyberWeek 2019, and Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice and Security

IA Israel co-organized a meeting between Major Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, Director of the ICRC - Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center and Chairman of CyberWeek 2019, and with Timo Koster, Ambassador-at-Large, Security Policy & Cyber, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Vincent Slieker, Advisor Cyber Security, Ministry of Justice and Security, National Cyber Security Center. The meeting focused on the engagement of Israel in international fora in the field of cybersecurity and on artificial intelligence training programs.

Prof. Bino from WUR, Wageningen presented the Netherlands agi-food excellence at FoodTech, Tel Hai, North Israel at

Prof. Raoul Bino from WUR presented a lecture on “Scaling up the food innovation program at Wageningen University & Research: a combination of science, innovation and business” at the “FoodTech starts at Tel Hai” conference that took place on the 27th of June in the North of Israel.  Israel’s Initaitive 2020 (ii2020), led by Dr. Erel Margalit, CEO Jeruslem Venture Partners (JVP) aims at setting up a FoodTech accelerator in Kiryat Shmona. WUR, an excellent partner for such an initiative, is in discussion with Israeli partners from public and private sector, including those that recently won the tender to establish a Food accelerator in the region.


May 2019

LSH: Visit at Philips Israel which develops diagnostic imaging and healthcare informatics solutions

The Netherlands Ambassador to Israel, the head of the economic cluster and IA Israel visited Philips Israel in Haifa. The meeting focused on Philips Healthcare global health business (disgnosis and treatment, connected care and personal health) in general, and specifically on Philips R&D activities in Israel. Its 1,200 employees in Israel are developing revolutionary medical equipment for Diagnostic Imaging and Healthcare Informatics solutions for Radiology, Oncology and Cardiology. Latest acquisitions in the area of interventional guided therapy sets a new area of focus for Philips in Israel. In the future, AI will be used to analyze big and highly curated datasets, aimed at improving the lives of 3 billion humans a year by 2030. 

HTSM: Dutch Banks and Inurance Companies Scouting Israeli FinTech and Cybersecurity Startups and Scaleups

Startupbootcamp (SBC) (Netherlands) and Innovation Attache Israel from the Holland Innovation Network and from the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC), co-organized a delegation of Dutch banks and insurance companies to scout for Israeli FinTech and CyberSecurity startups and scale-ups for their SBC Fintech & Cybersecurity program in Amsterdam which launches in November 2019. The delegation visited The Floor (TF) and The Floor Cyber (TFC), Citi Accelerator TLV and StartupNationCentral (SNC). We also hosted a panel with with one Israeli angel and four Israeli VCs who work in this space, moderated by Elizabeth Kleinveld from SBC.

"FinTech & Cybersecurity in Israel" - opportunities for the Netherlands

"FinTech & Cybersecurity in Israel", a report written by Sivan Ben Hamo, Netherlands Embassy in Israel

Innovation Attaché Racheli Kreisberg, PhD MBA of the Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (hashtag#IDIC) ( of the Netherlands Embassy in Israel and hashtag#Startupbootcamp (SBC) co-organized on the 22nd of May 2019 a delegation of Dutch banks, pension processors and insurance companies to scout for Israeli hashtag#FinTech and hashtag#CyberSecurity technology at startups and scale-ups for their SBC FinTech & Cybersecurity program in Amsterdam which launches in November 2019. The delegation visited The Floor, Citi Accelerator TLV and Start-Up Nation Central (SNC). In addition, a panel with five Israeli Venture Capitalists (VC) who work in this space took place.

April 2019

Developments in photonics and electrooptics

Dr. Oded Raz from TU/e gave an invited talk at the Optical Engineering and Science in Israel (OASIS) 2019 conference on electrooptics and photonics, 1-2 April 2019. His talk focused on optical interconnects which are short optical links used for interconnecting various types of computer systems, a technology used in data centers, server farms and consumer electronics and for 5G; cooperation with the Israeli industrial and academic photonics community is pursued.

HTSM: kickoff meeting of the MADEin4 ECSEL-JU consortium

IA Israel co-organized the kickoff meeting of the MADEin4 ECSEL-JU consortium, a 60 Milion Euro EU funded project focusing on metrology advances for digitized Engineering, construction, and services (ECS) industry 4.0 and involving 7 Netherlands organisations and partners from Israel and 8 other countries (i.e., Germany, France, Belgium). Dutch partners include TNO, TU/e, TUD, Thermo Fisher (formerly FEI), Prodrive, OKO and Nearfield Instruments. The conosrtium implements metrology in the automotive sector.The active participation of women in the consortium was marked at the consortium dinner in the presence of the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel, HE Gilles Beschoor Plug. 

HTSM: IDIC second brokerage event as part of MADEin4 ECSEL-JU consortium

Innovation Attache Israel and the Israeli Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) of the NL Embassy in Tel Aviv organized the 2nd mini innovation day of the recently funded MADEin4 ECSEL-JU project. The brokerage event hosted speakers from the Israel Innovation Authority, ST-Up Accelerator of  STMicroelectronics and Amazon Web Services. The 1st IDIC brokerage event, that took place in April 2017, contributed to the formation of the MADEin4 conosrtium and the 2nd IDIC brokerage event is expected to lead to similar results.

March 2019

MADEin4, an ECSEL-JU project with Dutch and Israel partners, received ~60 M€ funding

MADEin4, an ECSEL-JU (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership - Joint Undertaking) project, received ~60 M€ funding. It is coordinated by an Israeli semiconductor MNE, Applied Materials (AM), which has a long standing cooperation with NL MNEs, such as ASML, FEI, Philips and applied research organizations such as TNO, Holst Center and IMEC. AM is also a partner in the ASML-coordinated PIN3S ECSEL-JU project. IA Israel is engaged in MADEin4 kickoff meeting planned in Israel in April 2019.


HTSM: 2nd Brabant Innovation Day in Israel

Brabant Innovation Days in Israel have become a tradition, coorganized by IA Israel and the Province of Noord Brabant. On the 31st of March 2019, the second innovation day took place with over 100 participants from the Israeli hitech industry. Presentations of Holst Center, AMSytems and TU/Eindhoven covered flexible electronics, 3D Printed Electronics, quality control for Additive Manufacturing and Integrated photonics.


February 2019

Participation of Philips healthcare, NL, at Hitech Ambassadors' conference mobile health panel

The 10th Hitech Ambassadors’ conference took place on the 12th of February in tel Aviv in the presence of the Netherands Ambassador to Israel and Mr. Gil Adato, VP, Head of New Business Developments & Connected Value Propositions (Digital Health) at Philips (Amsterdam, NL). The Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) was one of the events’ sponsors and IA Israel created an opportunity to further develop the strategic cooperation between Philips Healthcare and the Israeli mobile health ecosystem.

Three Israeli companies were selected for PortXL, the Accelerator of the Port of Rotterdam

Three Israeli companies selected for Acceleration in Rotterdam

PortXL is the World’s 1st Port & Maritime Accelerator and each year since 2015 they select a few companies (from a starting pool of 1000+), together with an extensive industry network, for an intense 3 months long acceleration program. For the 2019 edition, out of the 21 selected companies on the 19th of February, there are 3 with ties to Israel!
* Eco Wave Power – From Israel’s greenest city comes a solution to increase the clean energy output, utilizing the power of the waves! Their wave energy convertor is an award-winning, inexpensive technology that could turn the tide on the energy sector’s current views.
* Flower Turbines – Headed by Dr. Daniel Farb, who holds double Israeli-US citizenship and has been living in Israel for a decade, Flower Turbines is developing a “wind turbine that you want to live next
to”, less noisy, compact and wildlife-friendly, this turbine could blow away the current main downsides of clean wind power and increase the world’s green energy output!
* Shipin Systems – Founded by two Israelis in the USA, an ex-IDF Naval Officer and a Tech Wizard, Shipin Systems aims to be the digital bridge between shore and the ships at sea, delivering reliable and accurate information for fleet operations, giving shipowners full visibility of what is happening on their vessels

in 2018, PortXL program also saw ECOncrete take part, an Israeli company that provides a suite of high performance environmentally sensitive concrete solutions that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure while increasing their strength and durability - basically concrete that allows marine life to grow on it! It's a green solution to a concrete problem that is becoming more and more popular across the globe. 


PortXL ( visited Israel during CyberTech 2018 as part of an effort of the Innovation Attache at the Netherlands Embassy in Israel to interest the Port of Rotterdam, the largest Seaport in Europe and the 9th largest Port in the world, in Israel's cybersecurity technology. This interaction enhanced the cooperation between PortXL and Israel's innovation ecosystem.

Three Israeli companies selected for Acceleration at PortXL, Rotterdam

PortXL, the World’s 1st Port & Maritime Accelerator, selected 21 companies for the 2019 edition, 3 of which have ties with Israel: Eco Wave Power uses the power of waves to create an energy convertor; Flower Turbines develops an environment-friendly turbine; Shipin Systems developed a digital bridge between shore and the ships at sea. IA Israel hosted PortXL during CyberTech2018 in Tel Aviv which enhanced the cooperation between PortXL and Israel's innovation ecosystem.

January 2019

The Netherlands: Rafael Ltd. presents Drone Dome at TUS-EXPO, Rotterdam

IA Israel facilitated the participation of the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. at TUS-EXPO which took place 18-19 of January in Rotterdam. The company presented Drone Dome – an end-to-end C-UAS system to detect, identify and neutralize drones and other UAV.


November 2018

HTSM: Technion, Haifa, joins EuroTech University Alliance, opening bilateral cooperation opportunities in the field of photonics

EuroTech Universities Alliance, whose members include TU/e, will be gaining a new member as of January 1st 2019: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. This can serve as an opportunity for collaboration in the field of photonics as well as accommodating Technion’s startups in Eindhoven to make use of its cutting edge’s research facilities. Israeli IAs have been working on this initiative for over four years in close cooperation with the BOM, TU/e and Province Noord Brabant.

HTSM: Netherlands delegation at UVID Unmanned Vehicles Conference, November 2018

Representatives from the Dutch J-ISTARC (Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance Commando) and the Dutch Embassy took part in the UVID conference in Israel. This yearly held conference has a focus on unmanned vehicles in air, sea, and land for both military as commercial usage. Israel is one of the leading countries in this field, which makes it interesting for IA Israel to develop bilateral innovative technological projects.

Cybersecurity: Netherlands delegation at HLS&CYBER conference

Over a dozen delegates from Dutch companies took part at the HLS&CYBER conference in Tel Aviv. The conference was organized by the Israeli Export Institute aiming at developing business cooperation between the hundreds of Israeli cybersecurity startups and foreign companies, such as Dutch banks, datacenters, cyber defense and security companies. The delegates joined a networking event hosted at the residence of the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel.

HTSM, Agri&Food, LSH, CyberSecurity: Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) 3rd Board Meeting

IA and the NL embassy in Israel organized the 3rd Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) Advisory Board Meeting in Israel on 26-27 of Nov. On the 26th the Ambassador moderated a working dinner with the IDIC advisory board members and several Dutch innovation experts from Min EZK and Netherlands Enterprise Agency. On the 27th over 50 experts from academia, industry and government took part at 5 sessions: HTSM, Life Science & Health, agri&food, cybersecurity and a strategy session aimed at discussing IA’s planned activities for 2019. The IDIC meeting was concluded by a wrap event at the Ambassador’s residence.

LSH: Rambam Medical Center, Haifa and Netherlands cooperation opportunities in biomedicine

IA Israel and the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel visited Rambam Medical Center (RMC) on the occasion of its 80th anniversary. In addition to the tulip planting ceremony, bilateral R&D cooperation was discussed with the innovation managers of Rambam. Special focus was put on cardiovascular, regenerative medicine and electronic patient records. Opportunities for Dutch life science startups at RMC’s accelerator were discussed as well as Dutch telemedicine expertise for RMC underground emergency hospital, the largest in the world of its kind.

October 2018

HTSM: photonics visiting researcher from Bar Ilan University, Israel, at TU/Eindhoven

Following the last 2.5 years of IA work in the field of photonics in cooperation with Prof. Ton Backx and Associate Prof. Oded Raz from TU/e, Prof. Zeev Zalevski from Bar Ilan University (BIU), will become a visiting researcher at TU/e in 2019. This academic cooperation between BIU and TU/e will be funded by NWO and will further develop the R&D cooperation in the field of secure and low energy optical communications.

September 2018

LegalTech opportunities

IA Israel assisted the visit of Israel's leading Legal Tech platform "Tech&Law" to the Netherlands to explore the Netherlands Legal Tech ecosystem, including meetings with CEOs of Clocktomizer, LegalThings, Weagree and JuriBlox, as well as university researchers revolutionizing the way future lawyers will be engaged in trade. The visit will be followed-up by a B2B meeting in Israel of Israeli and Dutch LegalTech companies and law firms.

Visit of NRGene in the Netherlands

IA Israel contributed to the organization NRGene’s visit to the Netherlands 12-14 September. NRGene is a leading Israeli genomics big-data solution provider that implements a unique algorithm employed in genome assembly, pan-genomic analysis and cloud based-breeding systems. The aim of the NRGene’s mission to the Netherlands was to further develop the company’s cooperation with Dutch Ag-bio companies and to present its technology at WUR.

July 2018

Cooperation of Israeli FoodTech Hub with the Netherlands

The Netherlands Ambassador to Israel, HE Gilles Beschoor-Plug and IA Israel took active part at the ii2020 event aimed at kickoff one of Israel’s 7 new innovation hubs located in the periphery, namely the FoodTech Hub. This Hub is an excellent opportunity for WUR, its incubator StartLife and the Dutch Food Valley’s MNEs to cooperate with Israeli researchers, to exchange PostDocs, to attract Israeli entrepreneurs to StartLife and Israeli startups to carry out pilots at the Dutch MNEs.

June 2018

Delegation of the Dutch Ministry of Health to Israel

A delegation of 25 young policy makers from the Dutch Ministry of Health (VWS) visited Israel to learn about its health system and key players. IA Israel organized meetings with the Israeli Ministry of Health to discuss Digital Health, two leading Israeli hospitals in the Tel Aviv metropolitan and one of the Health Medical Organizations (HMOs), as well as meetings at the NL embassy in Israel with IA and with an Israeli AI medical startup.

HTSM delegation form Noord Brabant to Israel

A delegation of Dutch HTSM companies from Noord Brabant together with Bert Pauli and Richard l’Ami from the Province of Noord Brabant visited Israel to do business with Israeli companies and startups. IA Israel organized a meeting with Israeli government to discuss the “innovation triangles” initiatives of IA aimed at linking Dutch companies with Israeli startups through a new cooperation mechanism.

Israeli Startup CelloPhotonics attends World Technology Mapping in the Netherlands

IA Israel was instrumental in organizing a speaking engagement for the Israel startup CelloPhotonics at the World Technology Mapping Forum (WTMF) conference, 20-22 June 2018, Enschede. WTMF’s ambition is to set the foundations for the photonics industry for the next 25 years. Israel is an important partner in this Dutch initiative, led by prof. Ton Backx, TU/e.

May 2018

Visit of Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality at AgriVest and AgriTech

Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Schouten, and President of the Wageningen University & Research Executive Board, attended AgriTech and AgriVest 2018, the largest Agri&food conferences in Israel. A large delegation of companies, investors and entrepreneurs joined the Minister. A networking reception with the mission delegates and Israelis from the Private and Public sector took place at the residence of the Netherlands Ambassador to Israel. Follow-up visits and strengthening of the R&D cooperation are foreseen.

Dutch FinTech and InsurTech Mission to Israel

Following a successful mission of StartupBootCamp (SBC) in Israeli last July, IA and SBC organized a mission of Dutch banks and insurance companies with the objectives to scout for Israeli FinTech and InsurTech technology as well as for startups for SBC’s FinTech accelerator (in Sep 2017 an Israeli startup was selected for the accelerator program). In addition, the mission visited the Israeli Financial CERT (Cyber Event Readiness Team). Follow up includes a possible visit of Israeli Fintech and InsurTech startups and innovation hubs and Financial CERT in the Netherlands.

March 2018

Israeli delegation at InterTraffic Amsterdam

A delegation of 40 Israeli companies, NGOs and municipalities attended InterTraffic Amsterdam 20-23 March 2018. They were welcomed by Connekt, a Dutch network for smart, sustainable and social mobility. The head of the delegation, Pini Cabessa, met with Special Startup Envoy, HE Prince Constantijn. The Israeli delegation was impressed by the plethora of modes of transportation in the City of Amsterdam.

February 2018

MoU between KNCV and ICS and delegation of Prof. Ben Feringa, Noble prize Laureate to Israel

The Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV) and the Israel Chemical Society (ICS) signed an MoU at the 83rd Annual conference of the ICS. There was a large delegation from the Netherlands, including Prof. Ben Feringa, 2016 Chemistry Nobel prize winner, 10 Dutch Professors and 20 Dutch students. This initiative is a direct result of the participation of IA Israel at the Chemistry Conference during the Najaarsbezoek of the Innovation Attachés in 2016.

Two Israeli maritime startups were accepted to the PortXL Accelerator in Rotterdam

Two Israeli startups DockTech and ECOncrete were accepted to PortXL's accelerator in Rotterdam. Dock Tech is a water depth analysis platform optimizing waterways maintenance and improving their safety. ECOncrete has developed innovative concrete products designed to enhance the biological and ecological value of coastal and marine infrastructure maintenance. Their acceptance came as a direct result of the delegation from the City and Port of Rotterdam during CyberTech 2018, which IA Israel organized along with Innovation Quarter.

January 2018

TAPES3 project involving Dutch and Israeli semiconductor companies is funded by ECSEL-JU

TAPES3, a large-scale pilot Innovation Actions (IA) project focusing on 3nm technology node exploration for nanoelectronics manufacturing, involving leading Dutch and Israeli companies, such as ASML, FEI, Applied Materials and NOVA, will be funded by ECSEL-JU (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership - Joint Undertaking). The project was discussed and promoted during the ECSEL brokerage event IA Israel organized as part of the Israel Innovation week in April 2017.

Delegation of the Port and the City of Rotterdam to Israel to attend CyberTech 2018

IA Israel co-organized, together with InnovationQuarter, a delegation from the City and the Port of Rotterdam to Israel. The mission was led by the deputy mayor Maarten Struijvenberg and included the Port of Rotterdam, Cambridge Innovation Center, several private companies and investors. Meetings took place with the Israeli Port Authority, the Israel Innovation Authority, StartupNationCentral, theDOCK, the Ports of Haifa and Ashdod, and Sanara Ventures.

January 2015

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) celebrating 25 years of activity including cybersecurity activity in the Netherlands

IA Israel took part at the celebration of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) event marking 25 years of activities in the field of cybersecurity and development of the Israeli periphery. JVP visited the Netherlands several times in 2019 to facilitate the cooperation between Hague Security Delta (HSD) and JVP’s recently funded cyber accelerator in New York which could lead to trilateral cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. 

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